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Skip gears

In the UK, learner drivers are now advised to skip gears to get up to top speed quicker and more efficiently. On slight downward hills, it's easy to pull away in 2nd, when you reach 30 MPH, select 4th or take the revs a little higher and select 5th. From 0-60 you only need to change gear twice so the engine doesn't go through the full rev range in every gear. Similar patterns can be applied when down shifting too. posted by Draigflag on November 19, 2014 this tip works for 86% of voting Fuelly members. READ MORE HERE

Deactivate Cruise Control on Steep Downgrades

Newer cruise control functions will actually hit the brakes to maintain set speed if you begin to accelerate down a steep hill, so that steep downgrade that you think is really going to help your MPGs could be only helping a little. Turn your cruise control off if you think the grade is steep enough. Remember, the faster you have the cruise set to, the lesser chance you have of this happening, as drag naturally increases with speed, which will require your engine to maintain that speed even when going down the hill. The slower your cruising speed equals a greater chance that your car will pick up steam going down that hill. posted by RieBauer17 on November 15, 2014  READ MORE HERE 

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