Air pollution is the public health concern of our generation

Air pollution is the public health concern of our generation

Councillor Georgina Milne has described air pollution as the biggest public health concern of our generation.

The comments from the Ormiston Councillor come as a new report was published linking air pollution to lower IQ and impaired cognitive function.

Cllr Georgina Milne said:

“The evidence tells us that air pollution is one of the biggest public health concerns of our generation.

“More people die from air pollution in Northern Ireland than from passive smoking and road traffic collisions combined.

“Exhaust fumes and pollution from cars are some of the biggest sources of air pollution linked to factors such as stroke, heart disease and as this report highlights, low IQ.

“This study has shown that older people are most vulnerable to mental impairment as a result of air pollution. We owe it to ourselves and future generations to take the steps necessary to curb the disastrous effects of air pollution”.

Cllr Milne continued:

“It’s critical that government policies support people in getting out of their cars and using public transport and where possible, into active travel like cycling and walking”.


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