HHO Kit HHO Installation Manual Plug 'N' Play

>HHO KIT HHO Generator Plug 'N Play READY-TO-USE in 5 minutes
Universal Installation Manual


Check all the parts are supplied in the HHO Kit before beginning

For proper installation and operation of the kit, you can send us pictures or a short video before starting the engine to guarantee the warranty. If the damage is caused by improper installation or modification, the warranty becomes void. We are always happy to advise for free.

HHO Installation wiring diagram

Just Fit & Plug-N-Go Video & Manual. Follow Diagram, manual, and watch new videos.

Before any operation on the system watch videos and read the manual below.

1. Follow Diagram how to connect Plug 'N Play cables. Never connect cables from a power source over 2.5V as battery/charger 12V/24V directly to the main unit of HHO Kit which is only for up to 2.5V powered from the PWW AMP Booster. For proper operation it is necessary to use a PWM AMP Booster with 2.5 V. The HHO Kit main unit will be damaged and the warranty will be void.

2. Test Fit, then secure the Generator in a vertical position between the grill/mask and the cooler. IMPORTANT! VERY CAREFULLY & SLOWLY close the bonnet/hood to establish the clearance between the hood and HHO Generator.

3. Under the bonnet where is over 40°Celsius (104 Fahrenheit) is not recommended! Only cooled place far from the engine. Installation in the Passenger Compartment and car boot is not allowed.

4. Never try to overload the maximum current by adding more KOH! 

5. Always check the AMP on the display with a built-in 4-in-1 LCD ammeter or any AMP meter; 

5. Take the supplied Syringe, and fit the supplied TIP, found by removing the plunger from the syringe body, where it is stored lying along the plunger stem.

6. Install the syringe into the top of the HHO Generator Fitting without the Plunger in place.

7. CAREFULLY! Put on your safety glasses, and install the supplied KOH Granules into the body of the syringe as it stands vertically in the HHO GENERATOR top fitting hole.

8. CAREFULLY! Slowly add the supplied De-Ionised Water to the syringe, to flow down into the HHO Kit Generator, until the Water level is maximum.

9. Now do not add water to the bubbler. As the temperature rises, the vaporized water automatically retains in the bubbler and overheated HHO gas begins to bubble. When the engine is switched off, the water automatically returns to the reservoir and the minimum amount remains in the bubbler. If the bubbler is nearly empty, this means that HHO gas production is correct without overheating.



HHO KIT XXL 3700mA - 60ml of KOH; 

HHO KIT XXL 4700mA - 80ml of KOH; 

HHO KIT XXL 6700mA - 120ml of KOH; 

HHO KIT XXL 8700mA - 160ml of KOH; 

HHO KIT XXL 12700mA - 240ml of KOH; 

HHO XXL 16700mA - 320ml of KOH; 

HHO XXL 32700mA - 640ml of KOH; 

HHO XXL 64700mA - 1280ml of KOH

HHO KIT iX, X, 100mA - 5ml of dry KOH; 

HHO KIT iX, X, 200mA - 5ml of dry KOH; 

HHO KIT iX, X, XL 300mA - 5ml of dry KOH; 

HHO KIT iX, X, XL 400mA - 5ml of dry KOH; 


HHO KIT XL, 100mA - 10ml of dry KOH; 

HHO KIT XL, 200mA - 10ml of dry KOH; 

HHO KIT XL 300mA - 10ml of dry KOH; 

HHO KIT XL 400mA - 15ml of dry KOH; 

HHO KIT XL 800mA - 25ml of dry KOH; 


* * * Whenever a severe frost is to come below -10 ° C and you do not know how to prepare the HHO main unit, disconnect and remove the portable HHO kit to prevent damage, contact us and we will be happy to provide you with information. We will be happy to advise you for free.

The electrolyte with dry KOH 10 ml to 20 ml depending on the volume and type of HHO Kit is antifreeze to approx. -10 / -15 ° C. When an additional 30-100 ml is added, the antifreeze is lowered to approx. -30 ° C. You can try it in your small dish in the freezer.
Alternative antifreeze solution: Water-isopropyl alcohol mixtures have depressed melting points. It has a slightly bitter taste and is not safe to drink. Isopropyl alcohol becomes increasingly viscous with decreasing temperature and freezing at −89 ° C (−128 ° F)
Add 99.99% isopropyl alcohol as an additive for HHO cell antifreeze and detergent if the temperature is to fall below -25 to -40%. Isopropyl alcohol is a supplement to your HHO system that prevents water from freezing - 25% to -40%. Isopropanol is ideal for degreasing and cleaning natural household products, solvent for crystallization in antifreeze, washer additives, sweat layer, and fat layer to remove artificial nails and much more.



10. Start Stop relay can be set to by small buttons SET /ENTER. SET > Step 1 - ENTER 13.6V > SET Step 2 : ENTER 13.6V > SET Step 3 : 00.0 > SET Step 4 : ENTER DL0 > SET Step 5 : ONH > Click the last one to SET button save memory; 



11. For proper installation and operation of the kit, you can send us pictures or a short video before starting the engine to guarantee the warranty. If the damage is caused by improper installation or modification, the warranty becomes void. We are always happy to advise for free.; 

12. For any questions, start chat with Us and we will answer you ASAP!

Watch videos click on the pictures.

HHO Kits made by HHO Factory, Ltd IRELAND

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    Quelle consommation de courant pour ce système?Quelle dimension à le bulleur?Quelle avantage en consommation avec ce système?avez vous déjà associé à ce systême un ou deux panneaux solaires pour absorber la consommation électrique? Merci pour vos précieux renseignements,,,Cordialement

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