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HHO ECC 1500 Engine Carbon Cleaning Machine 25LPM

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6.240,00€ - 6.240,00€
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AC Voltage 50-60Hz: 110V

HHO ECC 1500 Engine Carbon Cleaning Machine 25LPM CE AC 110V/ 220V/ 380V/ 415V

Product description: Engine carbon cleaning machine 

The HHO ECC 1500 carbon cleaning machine only needs to add pure water to form a hydrogen-oxygen mixed gas through electrolysis and enter the engine combustion chamber through the engine intake manifold or air filter comprehensively and completely remove the engine carbon deposit and restore the vehicle power to the engine. It will not cause any damage and avoid the shortage of traditional chemical decarbonization. It's a qualitative leap in the field of automobile maintenance. 

HHO/1500L/H+cleaner agent function 

Real HHO Gas production
per hour
Real HHO Gas production
per minute
Control panel 8" Touch Screen or Keyboard
Applicable model Gasoline/Petrol or Diesel engine
AC Voltage AC,110v/220v/380/415v,50-60Hz
Cleaning cycle 30-60min(adjustable)
Water consumption <0.9L/H
Power < 6kw
Shape size/Packing size


Net Weight 168KG
Gross Weight 210KG

Engine carbon cleaning machine HHO cleaner removal decarbonization system decarbonizing treatment 


Newest design, Most Advanced Only One PLC full micro-computer control system + Wireless detection technology 

Instead of traditional Disassembly and Foam Or Chemical liquid cleaning methods 

1. What are the differences between HHO gas car engine carbon cleaning machine: 
1.1.Consumes water + electricity to create oxy-hydrogen gas 
1.2 input the oxyhydrogen gas into the engine 
1.3 cleaning time just 15 mins 
1.4 remove the carbon deposits in engines and decrease the fuel consumption 
1.5 draining from the exhaust pipe. 

No need to remove the engine, No harm to the engine and humans, and the environment. Save much cost.  


2.The effect of oxy-hydrogen carbon cleaning service 
2.1.Good accelerator performance. 
2.2.Stable idling. 
2.3.Remarkable fuel saving. 
2.4. Exhaust black smoke disappeared, achieving emissions testing standards. 
2.5. Auto repair the oxygen sensor and ternary catalyst, prolong engine life. 

It suits all brands, gasoline and diesel cars, trucks buses. 
Machines in a car garage,4S car shop, auto repairs doing engine decarbonizing service/Renting the machine to these car dealers, etc., and share money  

HHO engine carbon cleaning reviews 
3. Why use the HHO ECC engine carbon cleaning machine? 
3.1.High efficiency: 

The results are more low RPM power in a smoother running and more efficient engine. 
there is a nonmechanical component, no corrosion to auto parts, no side effects, no generate hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, or carbon dioxide. 
3.3.High Mobility: 
Our Oxyhydrogen Generator comes equipped with wheels to move the generators. 
3.4.Easy Operation: No need to disassemble engine and engine oil filter element.  
Oxy-hydrogen carbon cleaning is a fully automatic process. The machine will remind and stop gas production when carbon cleaning is finished. 
3.5. Save time and Low Cost: Working time only 15 mins. Energy Saving more than 30% compared with traditional carbon reducing methods. 

4. Unique Technology HHO FACTORY compares with others: 
4.1.The power supply: 

Imported IGBT power valve. The electrolysis is 30% higher efficiency. 
4.2.Electrolysis Cell: 
Large precise mold to integrated formed, prevent explosion and leakage. 
4.3.Control Way: 
PLC Micro-computer Control 
4.4.Way of Reminding: 
It will alarm automatically after carbon cleaning 
4.5. Testing Way of engine shut down: 
The wire-less testing way which is suitable for both gasoline and diesel car. 
4.6. Operation Panel: 
Touch screen to show the working state and the operation steps. Operation guided by computer.
4.7. Fault Detection:
The touch screen shows the reason for fault and solution and reminds by alarming.
5. Operation Steps: 
Test Item Before After Reduction Rate
HC (PPM) 205 196 175 65 56 48 68.3% 71.4% 72.6%
CO (%) 2.00 1.42 0.94 0.06 0.05 0.05 97% 96.5% 94.7 %
CO2 ­(%) 13.0 12.5 12.1 9.8 9.7 9.6 24.8% 22.4% 20.7%

After using Autocar Engine Carbon Off Removing Device, carbon build-up is completely cleaned away, engine efficiency is increased, power and performance are restored, life expectancy is improved, and engine emissions are reduced. The accelerator becomes light; horsepower is increased. 

Reduce HC discharge (hydrocarbon) by 60.42%, CO 16.67%, CO2 20%. The fuel oil can be saved immediately by 10% and reach 20% after running 500km. 


1. Why do I need to carbon-clean my car? 
Incomplete combustion causes carbon deposits in your vehicle engine. This carbon residue is one of the culprits behind high fuel consumption, poor engine performance, and increases exhaust emissions. 

2. What type of car can use your service? 
All petrol, diesel or LPG vehicles trucks buses. 

3. When do I need to service my car? 
We recommend servicing your vehicle every 15,000km or 6 months, whichever comes first.

Dispatch time for all orders time is 14-25 days.