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HEC - Hho Efie Chip Plug-N-Play For Cars

136,80 € Incl. VAT
Performance HEC - (HHO EFIE CHIP)
Microprocessor Plug-N-Play with USB programmer Increase fuel saving in 4,000+ mapped engines at any time.

How does the EFIE chip work?

The engine's sensors, intake, and exhaust are often old, and with HHO kits, the EFIE chip is recommended to achieve the best desired results with many advantages.

The modern ECU with OBD II manufactured since 1996 you can be set to hydrogen by simply connecting the EFIE CHIP to the USB port of your computer, and in a few steps, you can set the next new following benefits:

- towing, 
- fuel savings with HHO, 
- MIX of fuel-saving and more performance, 
- maximum performance, 
- if you have a modified engine, 
- if you have a modified exhaust, 
- if you have modified air intake, 
- if you have a modified turbo and more. 

You can set all this yourself via a


    • Simple Plug & Play Installation
    • Use V-Link15 PC Software to tune for Power, Eco, or Mix.
    • Fine-tune your vehicle with simple Yes/No questions.
    • Perfect for unmodified or mildly modified vehicles.

  • INCLUDES: ✔️

    • VP15 DSF OBD Power Programmer
    • Quickstart Guide
    • V-Link15 PC Software (via Download)
    • USB Cable


    +10-30HP +12-40FTLB Torque +15-18%MPG

    Gains dependent on displacement, aspiration, and selected tuning mode.


    If, for any reason, you aren't happy with your VP15, send it back. We'll refund the full purchase price. No questions asked.


    No fine print here. It's really unlimited. Reprogram your VP15 for any one of our 4,000+ mapped engines at any time, for free. If you experience any defects with one of our products at any time, let us know, and we'll replace it for free.
Facts And Questions
1. Does the EFIE HEC Chip Plug N' Play – VOLO come with different plug adapters for different vehicle makes?
The OBDII plug is always the same, but the connectors inside are different. The EFIE chip recognizes which car it is. Old blue HEC CHIP models were complicated to connect without the possibility of PLUG N 'Play and changing the program or settings of other cars. ✅ 

2. Does the EFIE HEC Chip – VOLO need to be plugged in permanently after the HHO kit installation?
It must be permanently connected, as there is no need for remapping like other software. We prefer the factory setting without changes after disconnecting the EFIE chip. ✅
3. Can the EFIE HEX Chip – VOLO is used multiple times for different vehicles?
It can be used indefinitely on other vehicles with OBDII. You need to set up another vehicle. ✅