HHO FAQs - HHO KIT HHO X-Cell Frequently asked questions

HHO test engine inside

1. What are the fuel savings and advantages using our Hydrogen Technology? Most users have economies from 20 to 30% in fuel consumption. There are cases of higher results normally in older cars or using the HEC Chip in electronic fuel injected cars. Hydrogen reduces fuel consumption by forcing the carbon-based fuel to burn more completely and efficiently. Hydrogen also helps to clean carbon deposits inside the engine. Hydrogen exhaust emissions are pure water. So, you save fuel, save money and save the environment

2. Is a hybrid fuel system more prone to rust or corrosion?
No. The fossil fuel [gas or diesel] produces enough heat during combustion to vaporize the Hydrogen as it converts back to water and exits the exhaust system.

3. Can this system improve my performance?
Yes, the injection of Hydrogen into your internal combustion engine will assist in cleaning the internal parts as the engine runs. It will increase the torque and horsepower and reduce the hydrocarbon pollutants currently being released into the air through your exhaust. Hydrogen burns faster and cleaner than gas or diesel within your engine. This makes your vehicle run smoother, longer, cooler, and more efficiently than ever before.
4. Does it work with Diesel, Petrol or GPL vehicles?
Yes, it works with all vehicles with internal combustion engines.

5. Does the hydrogen generator cause any short or long-term harm to my engine?
No, the hydrogen generator does not cause any problems to the engines.

6. What type of routine maintenance is involved?
Filling the water tank with distilled water as needed. Every 1000 km you will need 1 liter of water and add a little bit of electrolyte. Every six months, depending on the amount of use, it is recommended to drain and flush the system and replace with fresh distilled water and electrolyte catalyst.

7. What is the electrolyte used?
The best electrolyte is KOH (Potassium Hydroxide). Very cheap and easy to find.

8. Will the water in the unit freeze in winter?
No, if you add about 20-25% of isopropyl alcohol to the reservoir solution to avoid freezing in winter months.

9. What if I don’t use Distilled water in my generator?
Distilled water is basically pure water. Other types of water like tap water, mineral water, pond water, sea water, etc., will work but they will also quickly cause the electrolyte to become “muddy” due to the minerals and impurities in the water. The muddy electrolyte will build upon the generator plates and act as an insulator causing Hydrogen gas production to suffer...

The same is true with many other types catalyst, especially any catalyst containing sodium, like baking soda or sodium hydroxide. Sodium will quickly contaminate the electrolyzer plates and cause the unit to become ineffective.

10. Can the hydrogen generator explode?
No. The hydrogen production is made on demand. You will have hydrogen only when your car is moving. Unlike pressurized gas tanks, there is only a small amount of hydrogen pressure in the system. If I have questions is there any tech support for my Hydrogen Generator?

Tech support is provided for your HHO KIT HHO set HHO gas generators ([email protected]).

12. Is there any kind of warranty that comes with my Hydrogen Generator?
Yes,  2 years 100% warranty on parts and unit repair or replacement.

13. In case of an accident will the Hydrogen Generator blow up?
Absolutely not, all you will have is water and electrolyte on the ground.

14. Can we use the Hydrogen Generator on a power generator?
The Generator can be used on any power generator-

15. What is the products life?
To date, we have units sold for 2 years still operating.

16. This breaks the laws of thermodynamics. It should not work!
A common fallacy is that it takes more energy to produce the HHO than the energy it releases. This is true in part when we see only the electrolysis process but when the HHO gas is mixed with your usual fuel inside the engine it allows the fuel molecules to burn better and more efficiently thus releasing much more energy than before. This is why it works.
17. Do you have a reseller distribution program?
Yes, if you are interested in becoming our reseller please contact us by e-mail to [email protected]
18. Why do your kits cost less than others?
It's because we manufacture and produce all of our products. Due to the large volume of units produced, we can buy materials in large quantities at the very best deal and streamline our production and pass the savings on to you. It would make no sense for us to have the best product out there if it were so expensive that the average consumer could not afford it.
19. Can I use a bigger HHO KIT HHO set HHO gas generators in my car?
Yes, you can use the immediate above model for your car. The fuel savings will be not much higher but the lifespan of the generator will increase a lot. For the small price difference between models maybe it is a good investment.

20. What safety devices are in the kits?
We have included in the kit a bubbler and a non-return check valve to prevent any damages if the engine backfires. The bubbler will also wash any traces of electrolyte vapor out of the gas being sent to the engine.

21. Can I use any kind of water?
It is recommended that you use distilled or deionized water but you can use tap water if it does contain too much iron or limestone.

22. How often do I have to check the water level in the tank?
Check it about every time you fill your car with a full fuel tank.
23. Why do your kits cost less than others?
It's because we manufacture and produce all of our products. Due to the large volume of units produced, we can buy materials in large quantities at the very best deal and streamline our production and pass the savings on to you. It would make no sense for us to have the best product out there if it were so expensive that the average consumer could not afford it.
24. Will install an HHO KIT HHO set HHO gas generators void my vehicle warranty?
No. It is an add-on device that can be easily removed. Since you are not modifying the engine or computer your HHO KIT HHO set HHO gas generators does not void your warranty.
25. My car doesn't have much space under the hood. Where can I install the HHO KIT HHO set HHO gas generators?
There is always someplace a unit can be installed. Our Hydrogen generator is the smallest on the market, the size of a motorcycle battery. The best place is in front of the car under the bumper.
26. How much would it cost me to have a mechanic install this?
Installation of your vehicle can be easily done by any good mechanic, or by yourself. Mechanics normally like the idea and respond well once they see the installation instructions. Installation depends very much on your vehicle and the hourly rate of your mechanic. However, we can estimate your installation will take between 1,5 hours up to 3 hours.
27. When do I get my instructions manual?
You get access to the manuals download page immediately after you make your payment. After the transaction, you will get instructions to continue to the download page. If you accidentally skip the page or close the browser, just send us an e-mail.
28. Does HHO injection work on vehicles with Turbo?
Yes. HHO KIT HHO set HHO gas generators works in turbocharged engines. Just make sure to inject the HHO gas before the turbocharger, not after.

29. What about wintertime -30°C, -22.0°F?

Isopropyl alcohol as adding antifreeze and cleaner for HHO - cells is the best solution.Isopropyl Alcohol is the accessory for your HHO system to prevent freezing of water. 15-25%, when added per 1L of water, is sufficient to in sub-zero temperatures over the winter to come it´s also usable for cleaning the dry-cell. Recommended one time a year Alcohol solvent for fats, resins, paints, inks, etc. isopropanol is ideal for household degreasing and cleaning of natural products, Solvent for crystallization additive in antifreeze, washer fluid additive, sweat layer and a layer of fat to remove artificial nails and much more.

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