HHO Installation

New 2018 Modern X-Cell HHO KITs are all in one No need to install! The HHO kit includes an integrated HHO generator, water tank, bubbles, water level sensor, Volt/Amps LCD display, 5-minute ready-to-use no need an HHO installation!

HHO KIT HHO Generator X cell is best for garages and sellers. With our intelligent Oxy-Hydrogen kits, we guarantee rapid mounting without the need to install! Made in Ireland.

Frequently Asked Questions: If I have questions is there technical support for my HHO KIT X generator? Technical support is provided for your HHO KIT X Generator and requires no installation. What kind of warranty is there for my hydrogen generator? Five-year warranty for HHO X kit, repair or replacement. Save 70%, Restore fuel up to 30%, Emissions 90%, Power 10%. Guarantees an assembly in a few minutes! 

In the video is an old type of HHO Dry-Cell Generator of poor quality and very difficult to install 4-8 hours with mechanical help and extra cost 150,-EUR + 300,-EUR. 

We have developed a new revolutionary all-in-one Irish HHO KIT HHO KIT HHO HHO Generator X-Cell Core which does not require installation and Ready-To-Fit in 5 minutes. Start saving fuel with the complete All-In-One HHO kit - Save up to 30% today - Learn how to reduce fuel consumption, clean HHO carbon and more energy. 

Run on Water  

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