Compact, high-power hydrogen fuel cell [VIDEO]

Compact, high-power hydrogen fuel cell

Rohm, together with Aqua Fairy and Kyoto University, has developed a compact, high-output hydrogen fuel cell.

Mobile Aqua, High Power Aqua, Long Life Aqua HHO gas

This fuel cell generates electricity by producing hydrogen on the spot. This is achieved through a chemical reaction between calcium hydride sheets and water.

From a sheet with volume of less than 3 cc, this fuel cell can generate 5 Whr of electricity. It can be used for many purposes, from charging a smartphone, to providing back-up power in emergencies.

"This single sheet can fully charge an iPhone once. The sheet weighs about 3 g. If these sheets are laminated and sealed, they last for twenty years. Lithium ion batteries lose their charging ability in 4-5 years at most, so they're not good for emergencies. Because this sheet is a chemical product, it doesn't change as long as the sealing is intact."

For smartphone charging, this product comes in two versions, a cover type and a USB card-case type. They're used by changing the special-purpose cartridges, which weigh 30 g and 23 g respectively.

A version that can serve as a portable generator, delivering 200 W, weighs just 6 kg, with cartridges weighing 750 g. This can be used for outdoor leisure or emergency back-up. Unlike engine generators, it can be used without producing CO2 or harmful exhaust fumes.

Rohm is also developing high-capacity batteries for seismometers using this fuel cell.

"For example, if you want to put a seismometer in the crater of a volcano, naturally, there's no power supply. Ordinarily, you'd need to carry car batteries, weighing 15-20 kg, up there. Our new fuel cell weighs 3-4 kg, so it's really good. And it can keep generating power for six months."

Currently, Rohm is doing market surveys, with the aim of releasing commercial versions.

"In the BtoB business, lots of companies are already working on high-power fuel cells. For mobile use, you have to give plenty of thought to commercial distribution. We're looking for manufacturers who understand the issues, and we're discussing where to sell the fuel and where to sell the fuel cells themselves."

Mobile Aqua, High Power Aqua, Long Life Aqua HHO gas Mobile Aqua, High Power Aqua, Long Life Aqua HHO gas Mobile Aqua, High Power Aqua, Long Life Aqua HHO gas Mobile Aqua, High Power Aqua, Long Life Aqua HHO gas

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Now there is a system that allows you to reduce the fuel consumption in your car at a very low cost. Simply use your normal fuel mixed with the HHO Gas generated in your own car in a process called electrolysis. The HHO Gas produced is then directed toward the engines combustion chamber, via the air intake manifold, where it mixes with your usual carbon based fuel (petrol, diesel, lpg) and there both are ignited. This allows your carbon based fuel to burn better increasing the Combustion Efficiency, thus reducing fuel consumption and the amount of pollutants released in the exhaust. HHO kits are simple to use and you will be able to install it in your car without the help of a mechanic.

Researches on HHO Gas have shown that HHO Gas supplemental fuel engines require less fuel and produce less carbon emissions.

HHO Kit HHO Gas Product Advantages

  1. Reduce your fuel spendings up to 30%. This is valid for both highway and town (city) driving conditions.
  2. Increases the power and performance in your car. The more fuel you burn, the more the engine gets rattled up and wrecked. Once you switch to supplemental HHO Gas, it will enhance power and performance in you car.
  3. Reduces the CO2 emissions. Eliminating pollution and other harmful residues that our car engines produce. What´s wrong with doing also something good for the environment besides saving money?
  4. Reduces the temperature in the engine. Also improves engine life-span since its burning fuel at a much cooler state.
  5. Removes the carbon residues inside your engine and prevent future carbon deposits.
  6. Lower noise and vibrations in the engine. HHO Gas effect in the combustion cycle. The engine will sound much quieter than it was before. This is due to higher combustion efficiency in your car.
  7. Increases the lifespan of your engine.
  8. Research on HHO Gas have shown that hydrogen supplemental fuel engines require less fuel and produce less carbon emissions. (View full text)

Our HHO Kit HHO Gas Generator

Experiments were carried out to evaluate the influence of the addition of HHO gas (hydrogen+oxygen obtained electrochemically from the water) to the air in the intake manifold of a direct injection diesel engine. What research shows is that the addition of HHO gas can improve the combustion efficiency process due to the different combustion properties of HHO Gas in comparison to conventional fuels.

We are using a small part of the car energy to produce HHO Gas. When we add this hydrogen to our normal fuel inside the engine, the energy released in the combustion chamber is much higher than usual, resulting in a important reduction of fuel consumption!

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