Do I Need an EFIE HHO CHIP With My HHO Kit iX PREDATOR and What is An EFIE?

We know about fuel injection, and how they work. So why do customers need  EFIE or Diesel-Petrol chips with an iX PREDATOR HHO kit on modern cars?

We know about how injectors are controlled by the cars computer (ECU or ECM) to determine how long the injector is open and close, and how quickly it opens and close. The ECM or ECU decides these parameters using a programmed set of "3D fuel maps" that use information from the car's sensors to determine whether the engine needs more gas or less gas.

How does the EFIE affect the fuel injectors with the HHO iX PREDATOR kits working?

All computers do perfectly what they are programmed to do. They can't tell if you're going uphill, towing a trailer, or anything else without reading the sensor information. The two key sensors are the exhaust O2 sensors to monitor oxygen levels and the MAF or MAP sensors to monitor intake air flow and manifold vacuum.

The two key sensors are O2 sensors in the exhaust to monitor oxygen levels, and in modern engines, MAF or MAP sensors to monitor intake air flow and manifold vacuum.

Please don't think that the O2 sensor knows about oxyhydrogen. By burning HHO oxyhydrogen, the only product is water but not oxygen, so it has no effect in the exhaust pipe. O2 extension is used to radically reduce fuel consumption by fooling the control unit. This tells the car's computer to "lean out" the fuel, allowing the HHO generator to supply additional power and still save fuel. Results in burnt valves and head gaskets, and of course increased emissions, exhaust fumes and erratic engine running. We do not recommend manipulating with sensors.

The EFIE HHO Chip automatically slowly tunes and tests to get optimum performance from your HHO generator.

The MAF sensor works on the same basis, but it measures the flow of air flowing into the engine to determine the work the engine is doing (engine load). When you use our EFIE HHO Chip, you modify them to lower the engine load setting. In other words, you are telling the car's computer that it has 20% less engine load than it actually is (for example). The computer then reduces the fuel because of this.

Plug-N-Play is the best and fastest solution, so it's not as complicated as it might seem at first glance. 

Simply connect our Plug-n-Play EFIE HHO Chip to OBDII/OBD2, and the software inside the chip will begin teaching the ECU-ECM how to inject fuel most efficiently.

By subtly changing the signals, you teach the computer in the car how to reduce the consumption of gasoline or diesel if hydrogen oxyhydrogen HHO is added. This is a long-term way to ensure that your HHO iX PREDATOR kit works as both an emission reducer and a fuel saver.

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