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All-In-One iX HHO Kits Thin HHO iX-CELL Plug-N-Play Hydrogen Devices

The advantages of Plug-N-Play All-In-One Hydrogen Kit:

Plug-N-Play Hydrogen HHO kits are new innovative technology developed by HHO FACTORY, Ltd that meets the high needs of the Irish, English, French, Germans, Italians, Spaniards, Australians, Americans, Saudis to reduce their fuel or fuel bills. No required installation, no technical knowledge in mechanics and cost, a Hydrogen car kit can be mounted by oneself in all modern or classic vehicles. Once the All-In-One Plug-N-Play kit is ready to use in a few minutes, hydrogen is mixed with fuel by electrolysis and chemical reaction. A hydrogen and oxygen mixture is obtained, which is fed to the engine's combustion chamber through the intake, where the combustion hydrogen generates almost 100% fuel efficiency.

We developed a new modern HHO iX-Cell with cathode-anode technology of hydrogen kits, which has the advantage over other older already unsuitable solutions such as Dry Cell. It does not need neutral plates without hydrogen production anymore. This solution reduced the dimensions of the hydrogen body up to four times, and we also integrated a bubbler, a water tank and a water level sensor with the signalisation on the dashboard. In this way, we have eliminated the complex installations required for dry cell systems. In this way, we cleverly solved the complex installations needed for dry cell systems when there was no suitable room.

What are the benefits of the innovated HHO iX Cathode-Anode technology?

> Increase engine power

> Acceleration of the response during acceleration

> Extending engine life

> Reduction of engine noise

> Reduction of CO, CO2, SOx and Nox emissions,

> Active removal of carbon deposit

HHO iX-Cell hydrogen kits, an environmentally friendly alternative to renewable energy, perfectly meet the requirements of today's companies to reduce air pollution and thus contribute to the development of a sustainable environment. A consumer who adopts this great hydrogen-producing technology for free will save the environment and pollute the environment less!

All-In-One Hydrogen HHO kits enhance combustion of fuel:

How does the Plug-N-Play hydrogen kit allow us to reduce fuel consumption? The engines work with pistons that move back and forth at a considerable speed, and when the piston returns, a void space is solved to suck air and fuel into the engine's combustion chamber. As the piston continues to run, the mixture of air and fuel is compressed, and when it is in the position of the spark plugs, the combustion of the mix is efficient. It is optimal in the engine that combustion only starts when the piston compression is at its maximum. However, in many engines, combustion begins too late, and fuel is not entirely consumed.

This lack of combustion is corrected by adding hydrogen to the fuel, increasing the octane and compressing the air/fuel mixture results in maximum fuel combustion. The HHO hydrogen kit optimises the combustion of any fuel, reducing CO, CO2, SOx and Nox emissions and carbon deposits associated with inefficient fuel combustion.

  1. My car doesn't have much space under the hood. Can I fit the hho kit iX in little space under the hood?

    I have heard that many heavy Dry Cell generators are hard to install because they are too large for their old-fashioned systems with unnecessary neutral plates. Where can I easy-mount the slim, All-In-One compact hydrogen generator HHO iX-Cell Kit?

    We guarantee that you will install the new hho kit iX PREDATOR plug-n-play by simply plugging in three steps for all modern and classic vehicles, vans, trucks, ships, earthmoving machines and generators. Our super-thin iX-Cell is the smallest, thinnest and most compact on the market. the illustration videos.

  2. Is Pre-Installed HHO kit iX-Cell Ready in 5 min and why not HHO dry cell?

    HHO FACTORY Ltd innovated ready in 5 minutes HHO kit HHO generator hydrogen kits iX PREDATOR Plug-N-Play only 35mm 1,5" thick, guarantee total leak free installation in all modern cars. We provide real proof of saving fuel 37%-47%.
    Old HHO dry cell systems with complicated installation take up 110x250to450mm and cannot be installed in modern cars.

  3. Which HHO kit is for my car engine between 1.0 < 6.0 litre?

    For fuel-saving up to 37%-47%, we recommend Hho kit hho generator hydrogen kit iX PREDATOR cars SUVs vans pickups up to 6 Litres pre-installed plug-n-play, 8 years warranty on the generator, 3 steps ready in 5 minutes! Go to Hho kits for cars SUVs vans pickups up to 6L - https://hhofactory.com/collections/hho-kits-car-suv

  4. Do I need an antifreeze in from -1°C/30°F even -60°C/-76°F?
    Without antifreeze and maximum KOH 90% until crystallization (100-250g) is ready to -60°C / +50° C. This benefit is possible with the iX PREDATOR HHO generator only!

    Whenever a severe frost is to come below 10-25°C, and you do not know how to prepare the HHO main unit under -30°C -40°C, disconnect and remove the portable HHO kit to prevent damage, contact us, and we will be happy to provide you with information for free.

    The electrolyte with dry KOH 10 ml to 30 ml, depending on the volume and type of the HHO kit, is set to approx. -10 / -15°C. When an additional 30 ml of dry KOH is added for 100 ml of water, the electrolyte does not freeze up to -30-60°C.

    You can try it first in a small cup stored in the freezer.

  5. How often is it necessary to add KoH 90% to the tank to ensure frost protection?
    For best performance, always use at least 100 g or up to 250 g KOH 90%. It is prepared for -60°C + 50°C. Add KOH 90% once every one to two years. Using a syringe, you can take a sample and put it in a freezer at -60°C and test the freezing point.
  6. An alternative to non-freezing water in internal and external iX Bubblers?
    Alternative antifreeze solution for internal bubbler: Water-isopropyl alcohol mixtures have depressed melting points. Isopropyl alcohol becomes increasingly dense with decreasing temperature and freezing at −89 ° C (−128 ° F)

    Add 99.99% isopropyl alcohol as an additive for iX Bubbler antifreeze and detergent if the temperature falls below -30 to -60°C. Isopropyl alcohol supplements your HHO bubbler that prevents water from freezing - 30 to -60°C. Isopropanol is ideal for degreasing and cleaning natural household products, solvent for crystallisation in antifreeze, washer additives, sweat layer, and fat layer to remove artificial nails and much more.

    Before starting the engine, ensure that the hose is not blocked by ice, a wrong one-way valve position, or a broken hose caused by improper installation. Blocking the output for HHO gas irreversible destroys the HHO main unit and cannot be replaced or refunded.

  7. Will the iX HHO vehicle with HHO EFIE chips use fewer fuels?
    1. Yes, iX HHO vehicles with maximal performance are using fewer fuels.

    2. Thanks to the converted high-quality fuel, the mileage is extended.

    3. With the same amount of fuel, iX HHO vehicles with our HHO EFIE Chips are running longer and cheaper.

  8. Do I need a mechanic or can I fit hho kit iX-Cell myself?
    Plug-n-play does not need the help of a car mechanic. Our pre-installation hho kit iX-cell guarantees fit within 5 to 15 minutes.

    D.I.Y. do it yourself requires knowledge of electrical installation and electronic equipment for 12 / 24V. Estimated time 1-2 hours. Recommend the help of a car mechanic.

  9. Is the compact HHO iX-Cell better than a huge HHO dry cell?
    Experts in Thermodynamic law confirm that the most incredible fuel savings occur when consuming minimal electricity and maximum efficiency with our Universal iX PREDATOR HHO KITs technology in modern gasoline and diesel engines.

  10. What is the benefit of the new All-in-One iX Plug-N-Play compared to a competitive HHO generator Dry Cell old system?
    Our new iX HHO systems' uniqueness is that the water tank, water level sensor, bubbler and HHO generator are All-In-One and do not need installation.

    Manufacturers of HHO generators without an All-in-One partially confuse customers with complications after installation and requires three times more space. Many times the customer, after purchasing the product, finds that assembly is not possible.

    From the mechanics' feedback, we guarantee that the smallest compact iX in the world with the best Plug-and-Play seller achieves the highest achieved level of satisfaction.

  11. Do I need a mechanic or can I fit hho kit iX-Cell myself?
    Plug-n-play does not need the help of a car mechanic. Our pre-installation hho kit iX-cell guarantees fit within 5 to 15 minutes.

    D.I.Y. do it yourself requires knowledge of electrical installation and electronic equipment for 12 / 24V. Estimated time 1-2 hours. Recommend the help of a car mechanic.

  12. Suppose I use Universal iX or ix20 in a smaller 2.2L engine. What difference will it make to fuel economy and carbon cleaning?
    Only active HHO engine carbon cleaning can be effective. Just keep meagre watts, amps! If too much hydrogen gas is produced by more watts amperes, there is an immediate conflict with the thermodynamic law. in all small engines and alternators with no fuel savings.

  13. Why move downhill with four or 5-speed automatic transmission?
    If the engine has only the highest gear ratios of 4 or 5, the 2.2L diesel engine must run economically, around 1300 RPM. This trick also works in combination with neutral when driving downhill. Always go with top gear and the lowest speed that is best for fuel economy.

  14. How to overcome the computer chip in the car?
    We do not cheat the ECU for the best fuel consumption on a highway. We have reached the Lexus 3.9L / 100km with the addition of a small amount of hho gas generated by the iX PREDATOR.

    Our HHO X-Cell kits work with very low 300 mAMPs, which is friendly to the thermodynamic law. Recommended that you only clean or replace any sensors in poor condition. Almost always, there are only leaks under the washers at injectors, which will radically help to use hydrogen gas for maximum savings after a repair.

    Watch the video here www.HHOLexus.com or www.HHOMercedes.com.

    If you drive in the city with high output of HHO gas to better reduce emissions, our new SAVING CHIPs can drastically reduce fuel consumption by up to 15 - 20%. Ask for more information by chatting or contact form.

  15. Is it better to set up more Amp mean current over 5-10-15-30A to save fuel?
    We have tested many hydrogen generators with neutral plates, such as HHO DRY CELL, with inputs above 15A and 30A 50A without significant fuel-saving records. Removing the neutral plates and set optimal current, there can be the best fuel consumption with more power. Listen to everyone, the trick to save fuel is not to break the law of thermodynamics. You will never save more fuel if you use too many amperes (current) from the alternator.

  16. How many plate cells producing HHO gas?
    Our modern HHO iX-CELL devices work without useless neutral plates, as in HHO dry cells that only take up a lot of space. The only cathode and anode plates produce HHO gas. HHO X-CELL Slim just 3.5 cm means Multiple cores with + and - highest quality INOX A4 stainless steel SS316L plates are the same as in old HHO dry cells (25 cm fat), but the size of the HHO generator is five times thinner. This makes it easy to mount in any modern vehicle where there is no room for HHO dry cell cylinders or cubes. PWM AMP Booster developed by HHO FACTORY Co., Ltd Ireland is increasing efficiency five times. The next benefit is cooling all the time, so there is no steaming and overloading. Refuelling water has an extended range to 3000-5000 km (HHO dry cell has only 600-1000km).

    HHO iX Cell vs HHO Dry Cell
  17. Why does the bubbler water return to the water tank when the engine is off?
    Normally, when the engine is switched off, the bubbler water returns to the water tank. There is a small vacuum, so the bubbler water is sucked back into the main unit. Bubbler is designed especially for overheating situations like DRY CELL. In the case of HHO, X-CELL is not necessary, but in case the shade is 50 ° C, such as in the middle east, their bubbler is filled very quickly just by evaporating heated water. So the backup function is important every time the engine is switched off.

    Many HHO dealers claim, without any evidence, that they consume less fuel (either mechanically or electronically by changing the voltage to 1V) when cheating the oxygen sensor.
    Yes, you will have less fuel but only neutral, and the engine will die while charging the old battery with an even older alternator and all the other devices in the vehicle. This continues 2-4 times worse emissions and will be bad even for head gaskets due to inadequate combustion. When you drive, you need more revs because there is less power available, so you get the same fuel consumption with worse performance and cutting the life span of the engine. Handling the Lambda Sensor only makes sense if you have an independent source of pure Hydrogen (or LPG) without using the 100% power required to generate the gas.

  18. How to get the best fuel consumption?
    It is easy to make the best fuel consumption. Just go for tests and watches on the dashboard for the best fuel economy. The computer will show you how you are driving, good and bad. Disconnect all electrical devices, including lights and fans. For the best record is in summer, but if you have winter, you can calculate -1,5l. Do not cheat the ECU or lambda! Keep fuel quality at maximum performance with HHO X-CELL.

  19. Does HHO gas have any effect on the lambda oxygen sensor?
    Not because the combustion of Hydrogen and oxygen only produces pure oxygen-free water without oxygen.

  20. Is a hybrid fuel system more inclined to rust or corrosion?
    No. The fossil fuel produces enough heat during combustion to vaporise the Hydrogen as it converts back to water and exits the exhaust system.

  21. Can this hybrid fuel system enhance the engine's power?
    Yes, Hydrogen's adding into the internal combustion engine will help clean the parts when the engine is running. This will increase the torque and horsepower and reduce the hydrocarbon pollutants currently being released into the air through your exhaust. Hydrogen burns better and is cleaner than gas or diesel within your engine. This makes your vehicle run smoother, more prolonged, calmer, and more efficiently than ever before.

  22. Does it work with Diesel, Petrol cars?
    Yes, HHO works with all vehicles with internal combustion engines.

  23. Does the hydrogen HHO generator cause any short or long-term fault to the engine?
    No, the hydrogen HHO generator does not cause any harm to the engines.

  24. What type of routine maintenance is involved?
    Fill the de-ionised water tank with distilled or de-ionised water as needed. Every 1000-3000 km, you will need 1 litre of de-ionised/distilled water and no need to add more KOH electrolyte. No need for any maintenance, and the kit is ready up to -60°C.

  25. What is the electrolyte used?
    The best electrolyte is KOH (Potassium Hydroxide). Very cheap and easy to find.

  26. What if I don't use de-ionised or distilled water in a generator?
    Other water types like tap water, mineral water, pond water, seawater, etc., will work. Still, they will also quickly cause the electrolyte to become "muddy" due to the water's minerals and impurities. The muddy electrolyte will build upon the generator plates and act as an insulator causing Hydrogen gas production to suffer.

    The same is true with many other catalysts, especially any catalyst containing sodium, like baking soda or sodium hydroxide. Sodium will quickly contaminate the electrolyser plates and cause the unit to become ineffective.

  27. Can the hydrogen generator explode?
    No. Hydrogen production is made on-demand. You will have Hydrogen HHO gas only when your car is moving. Unlike pressurised gas tanks, there is only a tiny amount of hydrogen pressure in the system.

  28. In case I have questions, is there any tech support for my Hydrogen HHO Generator?
    Yes, HHO support is provided for your HHO KIT HHO set HHO gas generators.

  29. In the case of an accident, will the Hydrogen HHO Generator blow up?
    Absolutely not. All that you have is water and electrolyte on the ground.

  30. Can a be used Hydrogen HHO Generator on an electric power generator?
    The iX HHO generator can be used on any electric power generator.

  31. What are the products of life?
    To date, we have units sold for five years still operating.

  32. Do you supply resellers and distributors?
    Yes, if you are interested in being a qualified dealer/distributor, contact us.

  33. Why do your plug-n-play hydrogen kits cost less than competitors?
    It's because we developed and manufactured all of our HHO parts.

  34. Can I use a bigger All-In-One HHO KIT HHO set HHO gas generator in my vehicle?
    Yes, you can fit the above model for each vehicle. The lifespan of the HHO generator will increase a lot.

  35. What safety devices are in the hydrogen generator kits?
    We have developed an internal and external ix bubble with an overflow sensor and non-return valve in the iX HHO kit to prevent any damage in the event of an engine failure. The bubbler also catches all traces of steam from the gas that is fed into the engine.

  36. Can I use any water from the lake?
    It is recommended that you use de-ionised or distilled water. We tested drinking water, water from lake-river and beer. Watch the video here.

  37. With the All-In-One iX HHO KIt Plug-N-Play, do I need to check the water level in the tank regularly?
    Thanks to the LEDs on the dashboard, you can see if there is water inside or not. The time range between refilling water is approx 3000-7000 km.

  38. Will install an HHO KIT HHO set HHO gas generators void vehicle warranty or insurance?
    No. It is an add-on All-In-One Plug-N-Play device that can be easily unmounted. Because the engine or computer is unchanged from the vehicle's factory settings, your All-In-One iX HHO KIT Plug-N-Play HHO gas generator set does not void your warranty or insurance.

  39. When do I get my instructions manual?
    You get access to the manuals download page immediately for free. If you need more help or advice, just chat with us or send us an e-mail.

  40. Does HHO gas injection work on vehicles with Turbo?
    Yes. All-In-One iX HHO KIT Plug-N-Play HHO generators work with turbo engines. Just be sure to inject the HHO gas before the Turbo, not after.

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