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LOW power supply, very compact, easy and LOW maintenance with Very HIGH HHO Gas Flow rate!
The Ultra Efficiency HHO generator: 0.8kWh electricity for 1000 liters gas Hour!
Full SIEMENS PLC computer control with Internet WEB/APP remote control!

Build With the last High Efficiency WET CELL Technology


Manufactured with the top Quality components, fully controlled by Siemens PLC computer, including Web server and Phone App. NEW PREDATOR MODULAR WET CELL's technology, Full Laser cutting and stored in big Inox Water Tank, Embedded PURE Water production with recharge filters and Digital quality control, Industrial professional Power supply, INOX Fan Cooling up to 59Kw thermal dissipation, Digital PLC, pressure control, Optical/capacitive water Level sensors, Magnetic Pumps, Automatic water loading and power control, Gas Flow Meter and much more!

Cool and compact design

Manufactured with stainless steel cabinet, wheels for easy transportable with the all accessory. This includes electric Valve, Flash Back, Not Return Gas valve, Optical control sensors for water Tank and HHo Filters Gas. Our generators embedded the Pure Water production system controlled by PLC and TDM quality sensors computer. Embedded the 32 Liters KOH concentrate Tank, all controlled by PLC Siemens computer.


8 Levels of Gas security and safety!

Our Industrial HHO generators include 8 levels of gas security: Triplex big Filters with: 10"Optical Bubbler Filter, 10" Gas Filter Dryer, 10" Flashback/Dryer Filter with electric valve and final 10 " filter Flashback control. 1/2" NOT Return Valve, one Final Filter and one on Main Tank. 7 X Balluff Optical capacitive Sensor for the Water Tanks and Triplex Gas Filters. Pressure GAS control and washing tank system with AIR compressed. All the security and safety system is controlled by the PLC Siemens computer.


2 Main size Cabinet Specifications:

Modular WET CELL full Inox, with 308 plates in 316L stainless steel
 * 64 litres Water tank in316L stainless steel
 * Embedded PURE Water production System
 * Water Feed: Automatic with 6 Bar Pump.
 * Cooling mode: 27Kw to 59Kw dissipation Areoterm Stainless Water Cooling and Magnetic Pumps.
 * HHO GAS Real-time digital PLC Flow Meter..


W-20-K PLC Siemens- 340 LPM HHO GAS (21.400 Liters Hour)
The W-20.000 Generato include 1 WET CELL Full Inox, with 308 Plate, Optical Control and PLC Siemens computer.

 * water-tank in 316L stainless steel (65 liters)
* Input Voltage: 380V, 50/60Hz THREE phase
 * Rated Capacity: 2 X MeanWell Power Supply 10.000W, total 20.000 watts (20Kwh)
 * maximum amperage: 2 X 400A= 800Ampere @24V (Pot power Adj.)
 * Cooling mode: 27Kw Radiator Areoterm Stainless Water Cooling and 2 Magnetic Pumps.
 * Digital MASS-STREAM Gas Flow Meter with certification flow.
 * Measure: 120X90X175Cm, 540 Kg.


Model Hho

W-5K W-10K W-20K W-30K
Hho liters m3/h 5.400 10.200 20.400 30.130
Hho liters LPM 90 170 340 502
Max Power kWh consumption 3.9 7.5 15 21.5
Water consumption (L/h) 1.2 2.4 3.6 4.8
Water Tank (L) 30 65 70 70
KOH Tank (L) 32 32 32 32
Power supply (V/hz) 380 / 50/60 380 / 50/60 380 / 50/60 380 / 50/60
Working Pressure(mbar) 40-250 40-250 40-250 40-250
Air cooling kw 18 26 26 54
Embedded Pure Water 20" Cards 2 2 3 4
Environment temperature (C) 0-40 0-40 0-40 0-40
Power protection grade IP2S IP2S IP2S IP2S
Working mode Continuous Continuous Continuous Continuous
Users remote control (#) 1 1-2 1-3 1-3
Wet Cell(#/ plate) 1/154 1/308 2/308 3/308
Dimensions (Cm L x W x H) 100 x 70 x 150 130 x 85 x 150 130 x 85 x 175 130 x 105 x 175
Weight (kg) 340 430 580 760



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Predator Hydrogen 20K PLC Siemens 340 LPM Diesel Power Generators Industrial HHO High Efficiency modular Generators, for Biomass/Heating system with wood, Oil or Gas

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Give your car a new life! More power and performance, less fuel consumption lower carbon emissions. In just one hour operating our machine, you will remove all carbon deposits from your engine.

Cleaning process in 2 steps takes 1 hour

INTERNAL ENGINE CARBON CLEANING PARTS: * EGR Valves * Combustion Chambers * Exhaust Manifolds * Turbochargers * DPF Filters * Catalysts * Oxygen Lambda Sensors

Only Clean HHO Gas 100% FREE ENERGY Technology is used for Internal engine carbon cleaning!!!

We are only one in Ireland for real cleaning Catalyst EGR DPF with Hydrogen gas 100% Free energy and lowest price!!!

We don't use ultrasonic technology! We don't use chemicals! We don't cut filters! We don't take off Catalyst DPF EGR!

  • Don't confuse to clean DPF properly it has to be taken off and regeneration!

  • To clean DPF, without to be taken off!

  • EGR DPF/FAP CAT cleaning nationwide service


DPF check now required as part of NCT test!!!

Celtic TIGER - CAT DPF EGR Clean HHOKIT Fuel Saving up to 30% Ireland is a Water as Fuel Hydrogen FREE ENERGY technology specializing in providing severely clogged or oil soaked CAT EGR DPF cleaning for cars/trucks/tractors/generators owners throughout Ireland and Northern Ireland.

We can clean all types of DPF's to original stage. Carbon deposit and errors will be removed and erased. This result can't be reached by any types of liquids offered by other company's No need ECU reprogram/remapping after

Call for free advice!

Internal Engine Carbon Cleaning Car SUV VAN PASS CO TEST
Order ESCORT SERVICE IRELAND or ☎ 087 212 0112

Free Energy HHO Gas

Internal Engine Carbon Cleaner. Give your car a new life! More power and performance, less fuel consumption lower carbon emissions. In just one hour operating our machine, you will remove all carbon deposits from your engine.


The National Car Test

(Irish: An tSeirbhís Náisiúnta Tástála Carranna; abbreviated NCT) is a roadworthiness test, which all cars in Ireland must undergo.

What to Do if You Have Failed on Emissions?

If you failed the NCT Emissions test you should buy a 1 HHO KIT Hydrogen generator for fix CO emissions. Drive your car for 1 to 2 days 100 km and then take a re-test. Most Motorists should pass on the 2nd attempt. Watch video and pictures of NCT Exhaust emission PASS.



The vehicle has failed an emissions test or the exhaust emissions are too high as measured by an emissions analyser.

USUAL CAUSE smog test

There are numerous components that if not working properly, can cause high emissions or an emissions test failure. You should read each of the components description and operation in the emission control system section of the manufacturer’s manual covering your vehicle in order to gain a working knowledge of each system. These systems are designed to reduce the emissions (as set by NCT emissions standards). If any of these emissions components fail, emissions can increase. Along with these systems, other components such as spark plugs, plug wires, and filters can also increase emissions if defective. Emissions or smog is a generic term used to describe certain harmful gases in the exhaust. Hydrocarbons (HC), Carbon Monoxide (CO) and Oxides of Nitrogen (NOX) are usually measured in an emissions test. The NCT certain limits on each of these harmful gases emitted. Carbon Dioxide (CO) is also measured, but is not considered a harmful gas. When the measured gases from the vehicle exceed the NCT limits, the vehicle fails the emissions test.


Diagnosis of high emissions can be an involved process that usually requires special tools and measuring equipment. However, armed with a test report indicating what gases are high can help you determine what systems may not be functional. If the vehicle has failed as a result of high CO and HC, the CO failure should be diagnosed first. If the “Service Engine Soon” or “Check Engine” light is on it should be diagnosed prior to any emissions diagnosis. CO Failure is the result of an excessively rich air fuel mixture. The following is a list of the most common causes:

HC Failure is the result of incomplete combustion. Any item that causes incomplete combustion can result in high HC. The most common causes are:

NOX Failure is the result of combustion temperatures that are too high. The most common causes are:


If the engine is due for a tune up it is wise to perform preventative maintenance prior to spending too much time diagnosing the emissions problem. Proper vehicle maintenance can go a long way in keeping a vehicle’s emissions within specifications. A complete tune-up should consist of: spark plugs, ditributor cap and rotor (if equipped), spark plug wires, air filter, fuel filter, and oil change. Although performing this service is no gaurantee of a passed emissions test, it certainly increases the likelyhood of success. If the vehicle has over 60,000 miles on it and has failed for the reason of high CO, installation of a HHO KIT Hydrogen Generator might be a prudent investment especially if the vehicle is only equipped with one sensor.

Let Us Find the Best HHO Kit For Your Car Or Truck! Our HHO GAS System Will INSTANTLY Match You With The Best HHO Kit And Tell You Why!