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HHO Bubbler 350 ml 6 Psi safety valve for HHO Kit HHO generator

HHO Bubbler 350 ml 6 Psi safety valve for HHO Kit HHO generator

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350 ml Bubbler for HHO Kit HHO generator

- Volume 350ml

- Dimensions H x W x D - 205 x 80 x 55 mm

- Inlet OD 6mm

- Outlet OD 6mm

- 6 Psi Safety valve with a warning whistle

- All parts are pre-installed.

- Colour: Clear / Black 

iX HHO Bubbler Tank

For HHO Generator HHO X-Cell and Dry Cell System

Get cleaner HHO gas safely.

A unique bubbler is an essential part of an HHO system.
These Heavy-Duty Bubblers are exclusive to HHO-FACTORY, Ltd.

What are the benefits of a Bubbler?

While HHO gas is produced from a hho x-cell or dry cell, some water vapour is also created. This water vapour can carry tiny particles of electrolyte that can cause corrosion. HHO Oxy-Hydrogen bubbles rise in the water column inside the bubbler; they are "cleaned" of any electrolyte particles captured in the water vapour. The result is perfect clean HHO - Oxy-Hydrogen gas.

The bubbler acts as a safety barrier In the event of a flashback. If the flame reaches the bubbler and ignites the HHO accumulated at the top, the water column will prevent the HHO from entering the dry chamber because the flame cannot jump from bubble to bubble.
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