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HHO HEC Chip Fuel Saving EFIE Plug-N-Play OBDII

HHO HEC Chip Fuel Saving EFIE Plug-N-Play OBDII

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Microprocessor Plug-N-Play Increase fuel saving in ALL VEHICLES and mapped engines anytime.

How does the EFIE chip work?

The engine's sensors, intake, and exhaust are often old, and with HHO kits, the EFIE chip is recommended to achieve the best-desired results with many advantages.

The modern ECU with OBD II was manufactured in 1996. You don't set to hydrogen by connecting the HHO CHIP to the USB port of your computer.


Standby LED blinks every 5-10 seconds. There is no signal from the vehicle’s computer. The device may not enter standby on some vehicles in which the ECU remains active after engine shut-off. This is normal and will not adversely affect the operation.


Power and Link LEDs are solid green. Auto Calibration tuning and ECU LEDs are solid or flashing. This indicates the device is connected and functioning correctly.


Power LED is solid green, LINK LED is flashing Auto Calibration tuning, and ECU LEDs are solid or flashing. The device is in Auto-Calibration mode. During this time, your particular engine characteristics are being evaluated to generate an offset map. This allows the device to fine-tune itself for optimum performance.

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