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HHO Kit iX10-300 Predator 12LPH Car 1.0-3.0L engines Black with Vacuum 12V-24V

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color: HHO Kit 6-in-1 only

Ready to use in 5 minutes, No Required To Install: HHO generator 10 X-Cells, PWM, Water tank with level sensor, Bubbler, Display, Smart relay voltage detection, User-Friendly.

How to easily fit the Plug-N-Play HHO kit in 15 minutes or less. 

  1. Fit handy HHO kit in front of the car or beside the battery. Watch our videos,✔ 
  2. Connect the one pipe to the air intake with cables and plugs to the battery, ✔ 
  3. Add water with maximum KOH and run 'as a new hybrid.' ✔ 

HHO kit Description:  

  • HHO 10 X-Cells: HH - Cathodes, O + Anodes, no need neutral plates; 
  • Dimension: Width 177 x high 120 x 44 mm; 
  • Operating voltage - Only 2.0V converted from  12V/24V; 
  • Electrodes producing area – Stainless Steel 316L; 
  • Durable composite body used in sports cars up to 200°C (No plastic); 
  • Fitting material: durable brass, nickel surface; 

List of parts for version Plug-N-Play All-In-One:

  • 1x HHO Generator 10 X-Cells waterproof Plug-N-Play pre-installed built-in; 
  • 1x Water Tank - waterproof Plug-N-Play, pre-installed built-in; 
  • 1x Bubbler - waterproof Plug-N-Play, pre-installed built-in; 
  • 1x Water level sensor - waterproof Plug-N-Play, pre-installed built-in; 
  • 1x Vacuum system
  • 1x PWM 66W  2V-12V/24V Celtic Tiger™, efficiency ratio 5MLPM:1WATT
  • 1x Start/Stop Relay with voltage detection 30A with menu and 2 buttons; 
  • 1x LCD Blue Display 4-in-1 Watts+AMPs+Volts+Energy; 
  • 1x Low Water Level Signal LED light dashboard pre-instaled; 
  • 1x Double cable for LED dashboard; 
  • 1x Battery twin cable double-wall +/- waterproof Plug-N-Play; 
  • 1x Fuse holder waterproof with rings; 
  • 1x Fuse; 
  • 1x Check one-way valve; 
  • 1x Cap plug
  • 2x Push straight fitting ID 8mm treated 1/4' brass
  • 1x Elbow push 1/4' ID 8mm High-quality brass; 
  • 1x Pneumatic flexible pipe HHO gas black hose HHO KIT output to air intake; 
  • 2x Mounting built-in; 
  • 2x Bolts M5 Stainless Steel
  • 2x Butterfly Nuts M5 stainless steel; 
  • 4x Flat washers stainless steel; 
  • 2x Spring washer stainless steel; 
  • 2x Cable tie 650mm x 9mm;
  • 1x Syringe 100ml;
  • 1x Potassium hydroxide KOH 90% electrolyte; 

Unrivalled benefits of the HHO X-CELL with PWM.

  • No bumper installation is required, 
  • The HHO X-cell is the thinnest and smallest HHO KIT, 
  • All-In-One, Plug N 'Play ever made in Ireland EU by HHO FACTORY, 
  • Brand new 2V PWM 66W, CELTIC TIGER ™ uses maximum KOH, 
  • Four LED meter: wattmeter, voltmeter, ampermeter, total energy, 6-100V 20A ; 
  • Auto power ON HHO X-Cell when the engine is running; 
  • Set a delay of auto Relay control after engine ON is detected; 
  • Auto power OFF HHO X-Cell when the engine is turned OFF;  
  • Heavy-duty aluminium waterproof case with Plug-N-Play; 
  • PWM is automatically running on maximum current and KOH - this is not possible with another PWM and type of generators!; 
  • You feel free and without limits, without overheating, without overload, 
  • The new X-Cell HHO kits are suitable for tropical heat up to 50°C, 
  • It does not need an antifreeze mixture down to -60°C. 

    Principle and example:

    Wiring diagram for DIY:

    List of parts for version D.I.Y. - Do It Yourself (For experts):
    • 1x 4-In-1 HHO Generator 10 X-Cells waterproof Plug-N-Play pre-installed built-in; 
    • Principle and example:

    • 1x 4-In-1 Water Tank integrated - already installed built-in no-need-to-install preinstalled; 
    • 1x 4-In-1 Integrated Super Thin Bubbler built-in no-need-to-install preinstalled; 
    • 1x 4-in-1 Water level sensor; 
    • 1x Low Water Level Signalisation LED light with the bracket for a driver with cables +/-; 
    • 1x Waterproof PWM AMP Booster 66W Ratio 1:5 DIY connections; 
    • 2x Relay 5 pin 12V 80A with bracket; 
    • 8x Blue Flat female connectors; 
    • 2x Battery terminals eye/ring m8 connectors; 
    • 2x HHO generator eye/ring m4 connectors; 
    • 2x Battery cables positive/negative; 
    • 1x Fuse holder waterproof with connections; 
    • 1x Fuse; 
    • 4x Quick cable spring press connectors; 
    • 1x Check one-way valve; 
    • 2x Push straight fitting ID 8mm treated 1/4' brass
    • 1x Push cap OD 8 mm fitting; 
    • 1x Pneumatic flexible pipe HHO gas clear hose HHO KIT output to air intake; 
    • 1x Syringe with KOH electrolyte 90% potassium hydroxide ready-to-use; 
    • 2x Mounting built-in; 
    HHO X-CELL is designed for all types with a petrol and diesel engine, cars, minivans, crossovers, AUVs, SUVs, vans, machinery, boats, electric power generators. 

    We guarantee that you will fit in a couple of minutes the new unrivalled Plug-N-Play X-Cell HHO KIT by merely plugging in the plug for all modern and classic vehicles, vans, trucks, boats, earthmoving machines and power generators.

    Our super-thin X-Cell hydrogen generator is the smallest, thinnest and most compact on the market, in the size of a motorcycle battery. 

    The products of HHO FACTORY, Ltd are designed and manufactured in the European Union - Ireland by our company and partners by the technical standards and industrial production of these products.

    The installation of the hydrogen generator does not physically touch the engine or fuel tank. This facility does not require any approval by the authorities or the insurance company's registration process or approval. No legislation prohibits the use of modern hydrogen generators for cars in Europe or worldwide.

    Therefore, no special approval is required for our generators, as they are considered emission reduction and fuel-saving devices that do not change the vehicle's characteristics.

    Protected by EUIPO (
    European Union Intellectual Property Office) and produced in Ireland the European Union in our company HHO Factory, Ltd, in compliance with technical standards and industrial manufacturing. 

    The most wanted Blue HHO kits have arrived. Due to high interest, producing and re-stocks will be every week. Be the first - Press the red button and then  NOTIFY WHEN AVAILABLE   for the requested HHO Kit