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Renault Espace 2L Diesel HHO KIT HHO Generator - Générateur HHO Plug-N-Go All-In-One

You can see the video of the recent HHO Kit installation on my Renault Espace on the HHO Kit website.
I have completed over 2000 Kms since then and I want to let you know the results.

Firstly, Did I get what I wanted from the HHO Kit installation?

ABSOLUTELY< YES! and much more than I thought I would. This Renault Espace drives like a completely new vehicle.
I am completely blown away by the improvement in engine performance.

The engine was a little sluggish before fitting, and slow to accelerate, especially moving off from a stop.

So i fitted the HHO Kit to improve this performance, which I thought might have been down to a dirty or sticking Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve, or other carbons build up in the engine.

Immediately I fitted the Kit, there was no real difference for the first few days, and I suppose I was a bit disappointed, because I had some expectation that it was a magic solution, and of course it is no such thing.

I forgot to say: Installation was really easy, just plug and play, and I followed the detailed instructions that arrived with the kit, so we were up and running in no time at all.
And I was surprised that every little thing I needed was supplied in the kit, I didn't even use an extra cable tie of my own!

ANYWAY- To get to the point- My wife drove the space for the next week, and after the week was up she came home and said "What did you do to the Espace, It is so fast, I had to take my foot off the accelerator and wait for it to slow down"

The next day I took it for a 250Km round trip for work, and the difference and improvement were incredible.

It takes off so smoothly, it so much faster through the gears, and it drives in sixth gear the way it used to in fourth.

The fuel economy is SLIGHTLY better, giving me 6.6L/100km without trying to save fuel at all and driving quickly. Before it was at 7.9L/100km driven like that. I could get 6.7L/100km only if I really tried to save fuel and drive very gently with no big acceleration or overtaking.

OK, OK< So I am using all the new power, and it is so much nicer to drive than before, I can overtake really easily, and I have to say, it is funny to see peoples faces when a people carrier storms past them coming out of a corner.

I definitely think that if I didn't use the power, and drove in an economical way, I could get 5.5L/100km by driving gently like before (when I was getting 6.7L/100km). And I will test that for sure, and let you know in the next few weeks how it works out.

So overall, you probably want to know, am I happy with the HHO Kit?

It's a big fat yes!

I am buying either a Honda Accord Diesel or a Lexus Diesel in the next month or so, and the very first thing I will do is install an HHO Kit.

If you have a car that has an EGR (That's every car), and it uses petrol or Diesel, then you need an HHO Kit.

Trust me, I am speaking from personal experience, You will be so happy. Either you will save fuel by driving economically or, like me, you will have a lively transformed engine that is a joy to drive.

Thank you HHO Factory! Great job, and I am a customer for life!

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