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One of the main and most important components of a good HHO system is the PWM (Pulse Width Modulator). This little electronic circuit board controls and monitors the electrical current flowing throughout the HHO system and regulates the flow so that the best possible hydrogen gas is produced and the highest fuel savings are achieved.

If your running any HHO Gas Generator you will need our PWM60A to better control the amperage, prevent your system from overheating and have more HHO gas output. This is one of the most important gadgets in your HHO System. It keeps the gas/water ratio correct to make your engine run smoothly and efficiently by pulsing the current rapidly on and off. This prevents overheating of the HHO Gas Generator and keeps things at a manageable temperature.

The PWM60A has been designed for making the automatic power supply of the HHO System without the need for relays or picking up the signal from the alternator/ignition key, making the system safer to use and easier to install.

The new PWM60A works based on the voltage of the car/truck:

Engine stopped voltage in car/truck 12V or 24V PWM is not working
Engine working voltage in car/truck 13,8V or 27,6V PWM is working

The PWM60A autodetect when the car engine is running and automatically switches ON the HHO System, without any additional requirements. The device will automatically power OFF when the car engine is turned OFF or not running.

The device is also capable to control a water level sensor inserted in the water tank turning the system OFF when the level drops from a certain point.

It has ammeter and voltmeter incorporated in the front panel in order to allow you better regulation of the system.

What are the main advantages?

Efficiency: HHO Gas Generator will run cooler than standard linear power amps, requiring substantially less heat sink mass

Amperage control: The control of the amperage going into the HHO Gas Generator will be very easy to be done. The ability to control the amperage keeps the cell running at cool operating temperatures and prolongs the life of the cell while increasing the H2 output.

Installation: It will make the HHO system easier and safer to install and use because there will be no need for relays or picking up the signal from the alternator/ignition key like in other pwms in the market.

Technical Specifications

  • Direct connection from battery input to HHO Gas Generator, without external relays
  • 60A MAX HHO Cell power supply
  • 60A external automotive fuse
  • Dual LED meter: voltmeter + ammeter, 5 to 40V, 60A
  • Auto detect battery voltage and auto configuration for: +12V/+24V power supply
  • Quad operational chip sensor with 1% tolerance Zener voltage detector
  • Auto power ON HHO Cell when the engine is running
  • 1 Second delay PWM control, after engine ON is detected
  • Auto Power OFF HHO Cell when engine is turned OFF
  • Soft PWM startup to the max ampere out power supply
  • Embedded trimmer for PWM control: 0 - 100% HHO Cell power supply
  • Logical IC sensor
  • Embedded 4 way power barrier: Positive, Gnd, CELL - OUT, CELL + OUt
  • Optional water tank sensor switch embedded on system
  • Compact black ABS cabinet + Aluminium dissipator for the 60A Mosfet
  • Dimensions: 110x85x40 mm.

The PWM60A kit include the following items:

  • 1 Pcs PWM60A Auto Power Detection device
  • 1 Pcs External Automotive 60A fuse
  • 1 Pcs 50 cm red wire, diameter 0.5 mm for direct power supply device from the Battery
  • 1 Pcs 50 cm black wire, diameter 0.5 mm for direct power supply device from the Battery
  • 4 Pcs yellow crimp terminal
  • 2 Pcs Wrapper
  • Installation manual in English, French, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish 
    Free Download HHO KIT HHO Gas Generator Manuals & Videos 

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HC Failure is the result of incomplete combustion. Any item that causes incomplete combustion can result in high HC. The most common causes are:

NOX Failure is the result of combustion temperatures that are too high. The most common causes are:


If the engine is due for a tune up it is wise to perform preventative maintenance prior to spending too much time diagnosing the emissions problem. Proper vehicle maintenance can go a long way in keeping a vehicle’s emissions within specifications. A complete tune-up should consist of: spark plugs, ditributor cap and rotor (if equipped), spark plug wires, air filter, fuel filter, and oil change. Although performing this service is no gaurantee of a passed emissions test, it certainly increases the likelyhood of success. If the vehicle has over 60,000 miles on it and has failed for the reason of high CO, installation of a HHO KIT Hydrogen Generator might be a prudent investment especially if the vehicle is only equipped with one sensor.

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