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H2 Machine Hydrogen In Water Up To 1500 ppb Black Free Shipping

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Portable rich hydrogen water machine with a self-clean function

Product name   Hydrogen water machine 
Voltage   AC110V/220V,50~60Hz 
Standby power   3.5W 
Heating power   2000W 
Feedwater pressure   0.1~0.3MPa 
TDS   1~800mg/L 
Net weight   2.5kg 


Start-up flow rate


Working flow rate


Operation time

60 minutes 


High-quality titanium electrode plate with platinum coating



About 800ppb-1200ppb-1500ppb 

ORP 500mV~-600mV 
Function description

1. It can be connected with the faucet to make hydrogen water for the whole family. 
2. It can also produce ozone water for sterilization.

3.pH range: 6.0~9.0. 

Dispatch + Delivery Time 10+10 days
Technical Advantage
The ion membrane which is used in an alkaline water ionizer is a semipermeable membrane. Both positive ions and negative ions can get through. So the water from the cathode collects any K+, Na+, Ca2+, Mg2+, and other positive ions, and becomes alkaline. While water from the anode collects many negative acid radical ions and becomes acidic. Because the semipermeable membrane has poor water-resisting properties, water will come out from both the cathode chamber and anode chamber. Using SPE technology, the proton membrane only allows hydrogen proton to get through, but other ions, such as K+, Na+, Ca2+, Mg2+, can not pass. So when we electrolyze neutral water, we can get weak alkaline water. Because the proton membrane has weak water permeability, the hydrogen water machine can only make water only go out from the cathode, no wastewater coming out. And only little condensate water comes out from the anode(vent).


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