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HHO kits for cars, SUVs, trucks, boats Plug-N-Play iX Predator All-In-One

The first HHO-X-Cell to make an oxy-hydrogen without useless and heavy neutral plates between the cathode and anode, made in Ireland, works on the lowest energy consumption and produces the largest amount of hydrogen gas for the smallest cell, and it is being developed.

HHO FACTORY,Ltd - Research

This New HHO Carbon Cleaning action restores your engine 'Clean as new' condition.

Ireland based HHO FACTORY Ltd. specializes in delivering carbon emission-reducing hydrogen technologies to the global marketplace. HHO generators are innovative in design, by operating very efficiently at low amps, with the main design focus to reduce carbon emissions and restore better fuel consumption by cleaning your engine from the inside out. When you invest your hard-earned money in an HHO Factory HHO Generator, you get a fully tested and fully researched, Plug-N-Go User-Friendly Ready-to-use, manufactured in Ireland, quality piece of equipment. Designed with care and assembled with precision, all based on exhaustive real-world testing and data analysis, every HHO Factory HHO Generator will do exactly as promised, once you install it correctly, according to instructions and videos. All HHO Generator Kits and All 'Plug n' Play' units are EU are protected by EUIPO - European Union Intellectual Property Office.


Why is HHO Kit described as an effective Active HHO carbon cleaner?
The practical result of the cleaning process with the Active HHO carbon cleaner (HHO Kit) is that users tell us they see and feel their engines restored to deliver better fuel economy. With our HHO X-CELL generators, you don't need to alter or manipulate your ECU to gain power or fuel economy. Many countries forbid using any chip or sensor altering devices to manipulate data because it often increases dangerous carbon emissions and can shorten the lifespan of the engine, damaging particularly the alternator in the process. You have to take care not to get involved with non-tested, unprofessional HHO cells made carelessly to an old design. These are very often built without scientific testing, and usually, have too many useless neutral plates, so the only way to overcome their lack of technical knowledge is to keep increasing the amps delivered to the plates. The battery and the alternator have to work much harder to supply this current, and any savings made from the HHO gas are used up to drive the alternator. Of course, you can expect your alternator and battery to have a shortened working life in the process. OK!, So that's the bad stuff. And you need to know it because there are so may other HHO Generators out there that are not fit for purpose.


HHO FACTORY has some good news for you! Guaranteed!
Main benefit to you, and to your engine are a reduction in emissions, and restoration of your engine's efficiency burning petrol and diesel. HHO FACTORY now has available our HHO X-Cell Generator HHO kits developed in 2019 and manufactured by HHO FACTORY, LTD right here in Ireland. These kits use a very low current of 200mA to 1.5 A to achieve the best result in reducing emissions, increasing power and restores better fuel consumption in your small and medium engine. And that's all down to HHO FACTORY's obsessive research, constant testing and persistent design improvement

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How does it work?

The HHO Generator hydrolyzes the ionized water into Oxygen and Hydrogen Gas. The hydrogen gas and the oxygen gas improve the combustibility of your fuel mixture to help it burn completely. HHO Gas speeds up the flame propagation within your combustion chamber, giving more time for combustion (because it starts immediately and burns more thoroughly) thereby causing more complete fuel combustion. This increased efficiency gives more power from your fuel, each rotation of the crankshaft, and you can either accelerate more quickly if you choose or drive more gently and your engine will be more fuel-efficient. You don't need a massive amount of HHO Gas, but you do need the correct amount, delivered in the most efficient and precise manner possible. And that's exactly what the HHO X-Cell Generator HHO kit does best.
Check out the acceleration app to test the before and after the performance of your engine, so you can be certain you have purchased an HHO Generator that actually makes a real-world difference to your engine.

How does Carbon Cleaning Work?

The HHO Gas (Hydrogen & Oxygen) burns in the combustion chamber and turns back into the water (H2O), but it is so hot in the combustion chamber, the water actually becomes superheated steam or super hot water vapor. Water Vapour is invisible as it emerges from your exhaust, so you won't make a big storm cloud as you drive down the street.

Mixture-ratio combustion in internal-combustion engines has the potential of producing low emissions and higher thermal efficiency for several reasons:

Excess oxygen in the charge further oxidizes unburned hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide;

Excess oxygen lowers the peak combustion temperatures, which inhibits the formation of oxides of nitrogen;

The lower combustion temperatures in­crease the mixture specific heat ratio by decreasing the net dissociation losses;

As the specific heat ratio increases, the cycle thermal efficiency also increases, which gives the potential for better fuel economy.

For vehicle manufacturers, Hydrogen is a fuel additive that can significantly increase fuel economy and efficiency while decreasing polluting emissions. Unlike other alternative energy sources, Hydrogen is an evolutionary technology that requires minimal modifications to existing systems to produce tremendous benefits.

F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions - HHO KITS Super Thin HHO X-CELL Plug-N-Play and DIY Hydrogen Devices

  1. My car doesn't have much space under the hood. I have heard that many generators are hard to install because they are too large for their old fashion systems with unnecessary neutral plates. Where can I install the slim, compact hydrogen generator iX-Cell HHO KIT?

    We guarantee that you will install the new unrivalled Plug-N-Play iX HHO KIT by merely plugging in the plug for all modern and classic vehicles, vans, trucks, boats, earthmoving machines and power generators. Our super-thin X-Cell hydrogen generator is the smallest, thinnest and most compact on the market, in the size of a motorcycle battery. If your destination's daily temperature is 30~50 ° C (86°F ~ 122°F) in the shade, the recommended installation kit is in a still cool place in front of the vehicle, preferably in front of the engine radiator as shown in pictures and videos.

  2. iX, 1X: What are the differences?
    HHO Factory, Ltd - Ireland patented the thinnest 5 cm (2 inches) iX model with a height of only 15 cm. The intelligent iX with a revolutionary design is for tiny engine compartments in small, large modern and classic vehicles.

    The 1X model with a height of 18 cm is ideal for installing a compartment for a car battery with the usual size of 18 cm in cars, crossover, AUV, MPV, Van, SUV.

  3. We recognize that customers are always looking for the biggest generators.
    Experts in Thermodynamic law confirm that the most incredible fuel savings occur when consuming minimal electricity and maximum efficiency with our X-CELL technology in modern gasoline and diesel engines.

  4. What is the benefit of the new All-in-One iX compared to a competitive HHO generator without accessories?
    These iX hho systems' uniqueness is that the water tank, water level sensor, bubbler and HHO generator are All-In-One and do not need installation.

    Manufacturers of HHO generators without an All-in-One partially confuse customers with complications after installation and requires three times more space. Many times the customer, after purchasing the product, finds that assembly is not possible.

    From the mechanics' feedback, we guarantee that the smallest compact iX in the world with the best Plug-and-Play seller achieves the highest achieved level of satisfaction.

  5. How much cost for a mechanic to install Plug-N-Play and D.I.Y.?

    Plug-N-Play Mounting / Fitting the all-in-one HHO X-CELL kits of your vehicle can quickly install by yourself without any mechanics. We estimate that Plug-N-Play assembly/fitting will last 15 minutes to 30 minutes.

    DIY requires installing all electrical connectors, cables, five-pin relays, PWM AMP booster, fittings, hoses, without 4-in1 Blue Display and Smart LCD Relay. Installation can take 3-5 hours, in some cases days, and eventually, you may need a professional help mechanic interested in this job.

  6. If I use ix400 in a smaller 2231cc engine. What difference will it make to fuel economy and carbon cleaning?
    Only carbon cleaning can be better. If there is too much hydrogen gas producing by more amperes, there is an immediate conflict with the thermodynamic law in all small engines and alternators with no fuel savings. Just keep very low amps!

  7. Why move downhill with 4 or 5-speed automatic transmission?
    If the engine has only the highest gear ratios of 4 or 5, the 2.2L diesel engine must run at a slower speed between 1000 - 1500 RPM. This trick also works in combination with neutral when driving downhill. Always drive with top gear and the lowest speed that is best for fuel economy.

  8. How to overcome the computer chip in the car?
    We do not cheat the ECU for the best fuel consumption on a high way. We have reached the Lexus 3.9L / 100km with the addition of a small amount of hho gas generated by the iX300.
    Our HHO X-Cell kits work with very low 300 mAMPs, which is friendly to the thermodynamic law. It is recommended that you only clean or replace any sensors in poor condition. Almost always, there are only leaks under the washers at injectors which, after a repair, will radically help to use hydrogen gas for maximum savings.
    If you drive in the city with the HHO X-Cell, our new SAVING CHIP can drastically reduce fuel consumption by up to 15 - 20%.

    Watch our videos here or

  9. Is it better to set up more Amp mean current over 5-10-15-30A to save fuel?
    We have tested many neutral plate hydrogen generators, such as HHO DRY CELL with inputs above 15A and 30A without fuel-saving records. But when we removed the neutral plates and set the input to only 300mA / 1.5A using the AMP - PWM amplifier, then the best fuel consumption and more power were achieved. Listen to everyone, the trick to save fuel is just not to break the law of thermodynamics. If you use too many amperes (current) from the alternator, you will never save more fuel.

  10. Why does the bubbler water return to the water tank when the engine is off?
    Normally, when the engine is switched off, the bubbler water returns to the water tank. There is a small vacuum, so the bubbler water is sucked back into the main unit. Bubbler is designed especially for overheating situations like DRY CELL. In the case of HHO, X-CELL is not necessary, but in case the shade is 50 ° C, such as in the middle east, their bubbler is filled very quickly just by evaporating heated water. So the backup function is important every time the engine is switched off.

  11. Many HHO dealers claim, without any evidence, that they consume less fuel (either mechanically or electronically by changing the voltage to 1V) when cheating the oxygen sensor. Is it Truth?
    Yes, you will have less fuel but only neutral, and the engine will die while charging the old battery with an even older alternator and all the other devices in the vehicle. This continues 2-4 times worse emissions and will be bad even for head gaskets due to inadequate combustion. When you drive, you need more revs because there is less power available, so you get the same fuel consumption with worse performance and cutting the life span of the engine. Handling the Lambda Sensor only makes sense if you have an independent source of pure Hydrogen (or LPG) without using the 100% power required to generate the gas.

  12. How to get the best fuel consumption?
    It is easy to make the best fuel consumption. Just go for tests and watches on the dashboard for the best fuel economy. The computer will show you how you are driving, good and bad. Disconnect all electrical devices, including lights and fan. For the best record is in summer, but if you have winter, you can calculate -1,5l. Do not cheat the ECU or lambda! Keep fuel quality at maximum performance with HHO X-CELL.

  13. Does HHO gas have any effect on the lambda oxygen sensor?
    Not because the combustion of Hydrogen and oxygen only produces pure oxygen-free water without oxygen.

  14. Is a hybrid fuel system more inclined to rust or corrosion?
    No. The fossil fuel produces enough heat during combustion to vaporise the Hydrogen as it converts back to water and exits the exhaust system.

  15. What is the status of my order?
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  16. Can I change my order?
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  18. Do you accept returns?
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  19. Can I exchange an item?
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