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Fuel-saving Predator HHO Kits for Cars, SUV, Light-Trucks, Boat / Plug-N-Play / Free Shipping


Are you tired of increasing fuel prices? Do you want to reduce the consumption of 30% of your car and more? Then you have come to the right place!

Are you tired of increasing fuel prices? Do you want to reduce the consumption of 30% of your car and more? Then you have come to the right place!

Are you tired of increasing fuel prices? Do you want to reduce the consumption of 30% of your car and more? Then you are on the right place!

HHO-FACTORY, Ltd. has developed a new ALL-IN-ONE system that allows you to save a lot of fuel and, therefore, a lot of money at a low price.

Use conventional fuel and combine it with the power of hydrogen (oxyhydrogen). Our ALL-IN-ONE system with PLUG-N-PLAY is the fastest and intelligent way no required to install in and out of another car at any time.

The way our system works is as simple as it is ingenious. Electrolysis in our cell splits water (H2) from oxygen (O), and the hydrogen (oxyhydrogen gas) produced by this process is added directly to the engine's air intake.

The electrolytic gas (hydrogen) ensures cleaner and, above all, more effective, virtually residue-free combustion of the fuel and reduces CO2 emissions. The system is equally suitable for petrol and diesel engines and LPG vehicles running on natural gas.

No special prior knowledge is requiring for our user-friendly ALL-IN-ONE PLUG-N-PLAY system just to connect to the vehicle. The illustrated mounting instructions, as in the interactive manual, are very catchy.



The cleaning process's practical result with the Active HHO carbon cleaner (HHO Kit) is that users tell us they see and feel their engines restored to deliver better fuel economy. With our HHO X-CELL generators, you don't need to alter or manipulate your ECU to gain power or fuel economy.

We conducted experiments to evaluate the influence of the addition of a hydrogen-oxygen mixture (obtained from electrochemically decomposed water) in the intake air of a single-cylinder direct injection diesel engine. Research shows that hydrogen through the cylinder inlet of the diesel engine improves the combustion process due to the superior properties of hydrogen compared to conventional fuels.

Download NASA Research study


1. Reduce fuel consumption by up to 30% or more in highway or city traffic.

2. Your car's performance will significantly improve.

3. Less CO 2 emissions and cleaner combustion are better for the environment.

4. Carbon monoxide emissions will reduce.

5. The temperature of your engine will lower.

6. The life of your engine will extend.

7. Engines run smoother due to more efficient combustion with a hydrogen system.

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Hydrogen studies have shown that adding hydrogen to combustion engines significantly reduces CO 2 emissions.

Internal combustion engine converts the chemical energy of fuel through combustion into mechanical work. Combustion occurs in the combustion chamber, which ignites a mixture of fuel and ambient air. The thermal expansion of the hot combustion gas is moving a piston. The resulting energy powers the car.

Well-known examples of combustion engines are the gasoline engine and the diesel engine in cars. With an efficient engine setting, the best combustion occurs when the piston has reached TDC. (TDC = top dead centre, highest piston position in the cylinder) However, most engines will ignite sooner, which means that the fuel is not entirely burning, resulting in higher fuel consumption and the associated CO 2 emissions. Higher environmental impact! By adding hydrogen (oxyhydrogen gas) to the fuel-air mixture, higher pressure is exerted on the pistons, resulting in more efficient combustion of the fuel, resulting in fuel savings and fewer pollutants.

With the installation of one of our systems, you can convert your vehicle into a low-cost hybrid vehicle and, if necessary, restore it to its original state without losing value.


This New HHO Carbon Cleaning action restores your engine 'Clean as new' condition.

Ireland based HHO FACTORY Ltd. specializes in delivering carbon emission-reducing hydrogen technologies to the global marketplace. HHO generators are innovative in design, by operating very efficiently at low amps, with the main design focus to reduce carbon emissions and restore better fuel consumption by cleaning your engine from the inside out. When you invest your hard-earned money in an HHO Factory HHO Generator, you get a fully tested and fully researched, Plug-N-Go User-Friendly Ready-to-use, manufactured in Ireland, quality piece of equipment. Designed with care and assembled with precision, all based on exhaustive real-world testing and data analysis, every HHO Factory HHO Generator will do exactly as promised, once you install it correctly, according to instructions and videos. All HHO Generator Kits and All 'Plug n' Play' units are EU are protected by EUIPO - European Union Intellectual Property Office.


Why is HHO Kit described as an effective Active HHO carbon cleaner?
The practical result of the cleaning process with the Active HHO carbon cleaner (HHO Kit) is that users tell us they see and feel their engines restored to deliver better fuel economy. With our HHO X-CELL generators, you don't need to alter or manipulate your ECU to gain power or fuel economy. Many countries forbid using any chip or sensor altering devices to manipulate data because it often increases dangerous carbon emissions and can shorten the lifespan of the engine, damaging particularly the alternator in the process. You have to take care not to get involved with non-tested, unprofessional HHO cells made carelessly to an old design. These are very often built without scientific testing, and usually, have too many useless neutral plates, so the only way to overcome their lack of technical knowledge is to keep increasing the amps delivered to the plates. The battery and the alternator have to work much harder to supply this current, and any savings made from the HHO gas are used up to drive the alternator. Of course, you can expect your alternator and battery to have a shortened working life in the process. OK!, So that's the bad stuff. And you need to know it because there are so may other HHO Generators out there that are not fit for purpose.


HHO FACTORY has some good news for you! Guaranteed!
Main benefit to you, and to your engine are a reduction in emissions, and restoration of your engine's efficiency burning petrol and diesel. HHO FACTORY now has available our HHO X-Cell Generator HHO kits developed in 2019 and manufactured by HHO FACTORY, LTD right here in Ireland. These kits use a very low current of 200mA to 1.5 A to achieve the best result in reducing emissions, increasing power and restores better fuel consumption in your small and medium engine. And that's all down to HHO FACTORY's obsessive research, constant testing and persistent design improvement

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How does it work?

The HHO Generator hydrolyzes the ionized water into Oxygen and Hydrogen Gas. The hydrogen gas and the oxygen gas improve the combustibility of your fuel mixture to help it burn completely. HHO Gas speeds up the flame propagation within your combustion chamber, giving more time for combustion (because it starts immediately and burns more thoroughly) thereby causing more complete fuel combustion. This increased efficiency gives more power from your fuel, each rotation of the crankshaft, and you can either accelerate more quickly if you choose or drive more gently and your engine will be more fuel-efficient. You don't need a massive amount of HHO Gas, but you do need the correct amount, delivered in the most efficient and precise manner possible. And that's exactly what the HHO X-Cell Generator HHO kit does best.
Check out the acceleration app to test the before and after the performance of your engine, so you can be certain you have purchased an HHO Generator that actually makes a real-world difference to your engine.

How does Carbon Cleaning Work?

The HHO Gas (Hydrogen & Oxygen) burns in the combustion chamber and turns back into the water (H2O), but it is so hot in the combustion chamber, the water actually becomes superheated steam or super hot water vapor. Water Vapour is invisible as it emerges from your exhaust, so you won't make a big storm cloud as you drive down the street.

Mixture-ratio combustion in internal-combustion engines has the potential of producing low emissions and higher thermal efficiency for several reasons:

Excess oxygen in the charge further oxidizes unburned hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide;

Excess oxygen lowers the peak combustion temperatures, which inhibits the formation of oxides of nitrogen;

The lower combustion temperatures in­crease the mixture specific heat ratio by decreasing the net dissociation losses;

As the specific heat ratio increases, the cycle thermal efficiency also increases, which gives the potential for better fuel economy.

For vehicle manufacturers, Hydrogen is a fuel additive that can significantly increase fuel economy and efficiency while decreasing polluting emissions. Unlike other alternative energy sources, Hydrogen is an evolutionary technology that requires minimal modifications to existing systems to produce tremendous benefits.