HHO installation REF ion technology by HHO FACTORY guarantees fuel savings of 20-47% or MONEY BACK!

HHO installation includes HHO REF + iX HHO kit + HHO CHIP EFIE or Ready to Use with online installation for worldwide customers! If you want 102% +3 new satisfied customers, this is the best choice for starting a successful small business in 2023! Start chat with us and upload picture of your engine!

New ion technology reducing engine friction for cars, trucks, aircrafts Petrol/Diesel up to 8L

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The HHO Generators and Cars & Trucks reduce CO2 emissions while also cutting down on other toxins found in car exhausts such as NOx. This will help keep our planet cleaner for future generations! WE SHIP WORLDWIDE 🌎🌍🌏

We conducted experiments to evaluate the influence of the addition of a hydrogen-oxygen mixture (obtained from electrochemically decomposed water) in the intake air of a single-cylinder direct injection diesel engine. Research shows that hydrogen through the cylinder inlet of the diesel engine improves the combustion process due to the superior properties of hydrogen compared to conventional fuels.

Read more: NASA Research
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    New fuel saving record 47% HHO Lexus 3.9L/100km/72MPG - was 7.6L/100km/37.2MPG - HHO Kit iX Unique PREDATOR Engines 2-3L order below

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  • HHO Kit iX PREDATOR Petrol saving up to 42% from German customer Max

    From German customer Max: Today we installed the Predator. Installation was pretty easy...

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  • Column37% -40% Fuel Saving Mercedes-Benz C200 iX HHO Generator iX HHO Kit PREDATOR

    New Plug-n-play HHO KIT iX PREDATOR Saving-Fuel Active Carbon Cleaning 2022

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The new 2022 Cathode Anode iX HHO generators are friendly towards the environment and your wallet!
The future of transportation just took a step forward, with HHO-FACTORY Ltd.'s new ALL IN ONE system that can save you time and money while cutting down on fuel costs by 20-40%. Now it's easier than ever before to use conventional fuels like gasoline or diesel in your car!

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Pre-installed and ready for use within 5 minutes in climates of -60°C and +50°C
(We guarantee 20-40% fuel savings with our HHO kits iX PREDATOR + HHO chips. These HHO chips for ECU via OBD2 are designed to reduce the amount of fuel delivered to your car's engine injectors, meaning you use less fuel overall using a small amount of high-energy, faster-burning hydrogen. The fuel savings can besignificant and help offsetthe chip's cost over time. In addition, the HHO chip will also help to reduce emissions from your car, making it more environmentally friendly. If you are looking for a way to save money on fuel and help the environment, then an HHO chip is a great option.

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Hydrogen studies have shown that adding hydrogen to combustion engines significantly reduces CO 2 emissions.

Internal combustion engine converts the chemical energy of fuel through combustion into mechanical work. Combustion occurs in the combustion chamber, which ignites a mixture of fuel and ambient air. The thermal expansion of the hot combustion gas is moving a piston. The resulting energy powers the car.

Well-known examples of combustion engines are the gasoline engine and the diesel engine in cars. With an efficient engine setting, the best combustion occurs when the piston has reached TDC. (TDC = top dead centre, highest piston position in the cylinder) However, most engines will ignite sooner, which means that the fuel is not entirely burning, resulting in higher fuel consumption and the associated CO 2 emissions. Higher environmental impact! By adding hydrogen (oxyhydrogen gas) to the fuel-air mixture, higher pressure is exerted on the pistons, resulting in more efficient combustion of the fuel, resulting in fuel savings and fewer pollutants.

With the installation of one of our systems, you can convert your vehicle into a low-cost hybrid vehicle and, if necessary, restore it to its original state without losing value.

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Do I Need an EFIE HHO CHIP With My HHO Kit iX PREDATOR and What is An EFIE?

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HHO FACTORY, Ltd - Plug n play HHO kits

We offer a free online inspection of your fitted Fuel saving HHO Kits iX-Cell ADVANCED before starting the engine. This will help ensure that you receive the 10 years warranty on HHO generator X-Cell inside that we offer. You can upload videos and pictures to our web app Telegram, Viber or WhatsApp for autorize your propper installation.

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